Human Bingo - Online or F2F Icebreaker Activity

Here you can find the Human Bingo card:

HUMAN SQUARES BINGO 17.19 (2).pdf 

If you are teaching remotely, you will have to use the breakout room function, and allow the participants to move from room to room, looking for the right people to "check off" the bingo squares.

Be sure each partcipant has a copy of the bingo card - either assign it before hand using your online classroom platform (Google, Teams, or Moodle) or send a PDF to each student on your school platform (Mashov, Webtop, Schooly, etc...)

Create  breakout rooms of between 4-5 students

Tell the students they have to either:

a) Complete  (fill in) two rows - one horizontally and one vertically OR

b) Complete (fill in)  one row

They should remember which student filled whcih criteria for discussion later. 

Set a limited time to complete the task

At the end of the set time, close all breakout rooms and lead a debrief about the activity.